“Home is where the heart is”

Relaxation is All

Most humans don’t know how to relax and relaxation is all. True relaxation isn’t limited to 20 minutes of meditation then carrying on with the regular anxieties, worries and discomfort of trying to please everyone – the employer, relatives, neighbours, friends or someone we might encounter only once in life. Who cares what people think of you?

A wise one is in constant meditation, whether they’re sipping their favourite cup of tea, sunbathing on the beach or are giving a speech in front of millions.

Anger or frustration might still arise but who or what can they touch when they arise for no-one?!

When seen that there’s no person, thinker or a doer imprisoned in this body, effortless relaxation is automatically present. Some might even call it a natural confidence.

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Peace of Mind

People say ‘I want to have peace of mind’. However, this is impossibility. Mind’s nature is to vibrate. If we do not identify ourselves as a thinker we automatically do not pay attention to the mind. Thoughts simply arise but no longer disturb us. It’s like the wind blowing in the distance. Thoughts, feelings and emotions will keep arising but are not happening to ‘me’. Knowing it for certain is a great relief.

Is meditation necessary

Meditation could be good for a person to relax for a short period from stressful life. As long as there is someone there to meditate and if it is for the ‘me’ to feel better, it is short lived. One who knows for certain that they aren’t a doer or a choice maker, everything is meditation, whether they have a cup of coffee, talk to a friend or argue with a neighbour. It is like observing ‘your’ body participating in life, all happening in harmony.

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Humans look for the ways to relax from stress at work, family, mortgage and constant need to prove themselves and do better than their neigbours, friends and relatives. So they might relax with a few drinks, with a cup of coffee, junk food, sweets or food. Some people get even addicted to watching naked bodies, chasing women, collecting fake friends via social media or watching too much TV and the movies. Spiritual folk are addicted to seeking enlightenment, reading spiritual books, attending spiritual meetings or following spiritual teachers. No addiction is good if it keeps you bound, perverted, clingy and miserable. Why not have a healthy addiction instead like walking, working out, eating well, dancing or painting?